Pre-built Contracts


For some thirdweb contracts, set contractArgs when creating Shareable Checkout Links, One-Time Checkout Links, or Checkout Elements.

See guide: Create an ERC721A NFT Drop with Signature-Based Minting

NFT Drop

This is an ERC-721A contract where the NFT metadata is unique but the claim configuration is identical for all buyers. No contractArgs should be set.

Edition Drop

This is an ERC-1155 contract where the NFT metadata and claim configuration is identical for all buyers. Set contractArgs with the token ID to mint:

contractArgs = { tokenId: "0" };


This is a contract that allows other users to purchase already-minted NFTs. Set contractArgs with an array of the marketplace listing IDs of each of the direct listing:

contractArgs = {
listings: [
{ listingId: "0" },
{ listingId: "1" },

Configure the Claim Condition

Your thirdweb contract must have at least one active claim condition, meaning the When will this phase start? date is in the past.

Helpful tips for each field:

When will this phase start?thirdweb can only mint NFTs after this date.
How many NFTs will you drop in this phase?Remember to create NFTs on the NFTs tab for NFT Drop contracts.
How much do you want to charge to claim each NFT?For Mumbai, this price must be ≤ 0.0001 MATIC.
For Goerli, this price must be ≤ 0.0001 ETH.

On production, there is a $2,000 price limit. Please fill out this Typeform to request an increase.
What currency do you want to use?Supported currencies on thirdweb:
- Mumbai: MATIC
- Polygon: MATIC, USDC, WETH
- Goerli: ETH
- Ethereum: ETH, USDC
Who can claim NFTs during this phase?If you have an allowlist, please add thirdweb's minter wallets.
Otherwise leave this blank.
How many NFTs can be claimed per transaction?This value must be Unlimited. Otherwise thirdweb's minter wallets will not be able to mint more than this amount.
How many seconds do wallets have to wait in-between claiming?This value must be 0. Otherwise thirdweb's minter wallets will fail when many mints occur at once.

Debug common blockchain error responses

Error MessageDescriptionSolution
!QtyThe buyer is attempting to purchase more than allowed per wallet.:warning: Your Claim Condition must allow thirdweb Wallets to mint an unlimited amount.

The How many NFTs can be claimed per transaction? setting must be set to Unlimited. Alternatively, allow thirdweb's minter wallets to mint the full supply in a snapshot.
!MaxSupplyThe buyer is attempting to purchase more than the available supply, or the drop is sold out.Allow more NFTs to be sold, or prevent buyers from navigating to the checkout page if sold out.
cant claim yetThere is no claim phase, or the claim phase has not started.Wait until the claim phase has started, or set one claim phase's start date to a past date.
!PriceOrCurrencythirdweb sent the incorrect amount or currency to the contract.thirdweb may be auto-detecting the price incorrectly. Please reach out on Discord.

Source: Drop.sol from thirdweb contracts

If your transactions are failing for these reasons, please update the active Claim Condition on your thirdweb contract.