ERC-20 Pricing

thirdweb supports selling NFTs that accept the USDC token for enterprise customers only.

👉 Read our guide on How to Price your NFTs in USDC.


For thirdweb contracts

  • Navigate to the thirdweb dashboard for your contract
  • Set the claim condition to price the NFT in USDC.

For custom contracts

  • Add the following snippet to your contract (modify as needed):

    // Replace MY_USDC_ADDRESS with the address based on the blockchain below.
    IERC20 public usdc = IERC20("0xe6b8a5CF854791412c1f6EFC7CAf629f5Df1c747");
    uint256 priceInUsdc = 50 * 10 ** 6
    function mintTo(address recipient, uint256 quantity) public {
    usdc.transferFrom(msg.sender, address(this), quantity * priceInUsdc);
  • Configure your checkout to accept USDC payment:

    • Shareable Checkout Links: When creating the checkout set the Price per NFT currency to USDC.
    • One-Time Checkout Links: When creating a One-Time Checkout Link set mintMethod with "payment": { "value": "50 * $QUANTITY", currency: "USDC" }.
    • Checkout Elements: When creating a Client Secret set mintMethod with "payment": { "value": "50 * $QUANTITY", currency: "USDC" }.

Accepting the correct USDC token

Make sure your contract requests the correct USDC token address from thirdweb. These are the supported USDC token addresses.


Do you support other ERC-20 tokens?

thirdweb supports popular ERC-20 (or ERC20) tokens like USDC and WETH. If your NFT is priced in a different token, contact us.