How much does thirdweb Checkouts cost?

There is no cost to sellers! Buyers pay a 1% service fee on top of payment processing fees.

How long does implementation take?

A full-featured checkout link takes minutes to set up:

When you're ready to customize further, you can tinker with styling, SDKs, webhooks, dynamic pricing, and more.

How scalable is thirdweb Checkouts? How much load can it handle?

Our product is enterprise-ready with a 99.9% uptime. We are battle-tested with enterprises like Balmain, New York Fashion Week, Unilever, deadmau5 and Tilting Point. We can enqueue transactions up to 200 transactions/minute by default, with higher limits upon request.

What platforms are supported?

Checkout links can be used anywhere webpages are supported.

The Checkout Embedded Elements SDK is supported on Web and Mobile Web.

Smart contract support

Which blockchains and currencies are supported?

See the overview page for a list of supported chains and currencies. We can support any EVM chain upon request. Please contact if the chain or currency you want to sell in is not on our list.

Are marketplace contracts supported?

Yes! See Marketplace Sales for more details.

Can I sell an NFT that is already minted?

Yes! You'll need to "wrap" your NFT with a marketplace contract like thirdweb marketplace or build your own. This "direct listing" approach works like this:

  • The seller has an NFT already minted and wants to sell it.
  • The seller approves the marketplace contract to take this NFT from their wallet once a buyer offers a specified amount. The NFT is not moved until a sale is completed.
  • A buyer agrees to pay the specified amount. They pay via your Checkout flow.
  • After the buyer's payment is successful, thirdweb calls the "buy" method with the expected amount in crypto to the marketplace contract. This method transfers the NFT to the buyer's wallet.


Where does thirdweb send the funds after a customer has paid?

thirdweb directly calls the smart contract and pays for the mint using the native currency specified in the contract function. If you are looking for FIAT payout, it is available for the enterprise customers. Please contact sales .

What regions does thirdweb support credit card payments?

thirdweb uses multiple payment processors and supports credit card payments in most countries (190+) and all 50 US states. Select countries that the US cannot conduct business with are not supported (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk Regions). 10+ currencies and languages are supported.

What fiat payment options are accepted?

thirdweb accepts: credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB, Diners Club), Apple Pay, Google Pay.

What is the price limit for checkouts?

thirdweb limits checkouts to be priced at $2,000 USD and reserves the right to change this limit based on your checkout's risk profile. For enterprise customers, we can support up to $15,000.

If you need a higher price limit, please fill out this form.

When does thirdweb require identity verification (KYC)?

thirdweb combines buyer, merchant, payment method, device, and behavioral signals from multiple vendors to compute the riskiness of a purchase. A small portion of buyers (< 3% and varies by merchant) will be prompted to submit a photo ID and take a webcam selfie. This step is automated and takes under 1 minute.

Reminder: thirdweb takes on all chargeback liability from the developer!


Is there a test credit card?

Yes, please use the following card numbers. The expiry date, CVV, and postal code do not matter.

Card NumberDescription
4242424242424242A "low risk" card.
4000000000009235A "high risk" card that prompts KYC.

Where can I get testnet funds?

Here are some faucets to receive testnet funds:

ChainCurrencyFaucet link
Mumbai (Polygon)MATIC
Sepolia (Ethereum)ETH
Goerli (Optimism)ETH


Can I customize the checkout to match my branding?

Yes, customize colors and UI elements to fit your theme for Checkout Links. Or embed Checkout Elements in your app with granular control of colors.

How do allow my users to redeem utility with their NFT?

NFTs are a great way to gate content! Once the NFT is purchased, you can provide a link to redeem their utility on the post-purchase page and email.

Listen to webhooks to update your database or send a custom email when the NFT has been transferred.

Are checkouts translated into different languages?

Yes, the checkout is localized to the buyer's browser language, or you can force a specific language. See Translations for more details.

How does checkout support referral codes or discounts?

You can use our dynamic one-time checkout links to generate payment links with discounts or referral codes for customers. For a full guide to how to implement this, refer here.


What if my users don't have a wallet?

Buyers who don't have a wallet can create one with their email or social login. This uses thirdweb's non-custodial Embedded Wallet product.

How does my user transfer the NFT from the Embedded Wallet?

Buyers can visit My Wallets to view and transfer NFTs in their Embedded Wallets. We cover all gas fees related to transferring and offer a way for users to export their private key.


Does Checkouts support credit card payments for functions outside of minting like burning and editing NFTs?

This feature is available upon request. Please contact us at

What is the customer support level provided to customers?

For developers, we have a Discord forum for questions that is checked on a daily basis. If you are looking for guaranteed support time and SLA, please contact

For customers, we respond to inquiries on our support center and to within 24 business hours.

How does thirdweb handle compliance?

We conduct KYC (know your customer) verification with driver's license and liveliness check on suspicious customers (<3% on average and varies by merchant). We also handle dark wallet checks to ensure that flagged wallets and stolen funds are not being used in any of our transactions.

We take on all liabilities & chargeback risks as the Merchant of Record.

thirdweb is currently in the process of receiving our SOC II certification.

What are the authorization rates?

We have industry leading authorization rates at 92%. We are able to maintain a high authorization by only operating with NFTs, and having a proprietary fraud engine that keeps our fraud rate at <0.5%.