Claim Conditions visual update

Nacho Iacovino

We've given a visual update to Claim Conditions on dashboard to make them easier to understand and choose the best option for your drop.

This doesn't change anything on the SDK side, only on how we display them on the dashboard, which means any previous contracts that implement claim conditions also benefit from this visual update.

Now, when creating a new claim phase, you will be asked to choose between four options:

  • Public: Allow any wallet to claim this drop during this claim phase.
  • Public (With Allowlist): Allow any wallet to claim this drop during this claim phase with special overrides for some wallet addresses. This makes it possible so all wallets can claim for a price, but some specific wallets for free, or in a different currency, or a different amount of NFTs.
  • Allowlist Only: Only wallet addresses in the allowlist can claim this drop during this claim phase. This also allows you to set specific rules for specific wallet addresses.
  • Only Owner: A phase for the owner of the contract to indefinitely claim with no cost, (only gas). Many times owners want to claim some NFTs before they go live, this makes it so you can set a claim phase like this in one click and not worry about getting your drop sniped when claiming for free.

We hope these changes make Claim Conditions easier to use and understand, any feedback is always appreciated and any questions can be asked on our Discord.